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Sunnynook Marathon

How do we do the Marathon in COVID-19 Alert Level 4?

Physically Distanced Sunnynook September Marathon! 

We are not cancelling our Marathon, but adapting it to ensure that we keep our community safe!

  1. Safety first! Please look out for and follow Government instructions for activities in Alert Level 4.

    1. Maintain physical distancing with people outside your bubble – keep at least 2m between yourself and others. When exercising outdoors, you are not required to wear a mask (you must maintain physical distancing!)

  2. Our Marathon can be done virtually from your home, or your local exercise route.

  3. There are lots of free tools you can use to track your distance.

How do I measure my distance?

Some ideas for free apps:

  • Strava

  • Fitbit App Mobile Tracker (No Fitbit Required)

  • MapMyWalk 

  • Google Fit 

OR  the traditional way! Map it out and count your rounds. 

What are other ways we connect with the community during the September Marathon?

The Marathon was created to encourage community connections – since we can’t do it in person, we encourage you to post your photos to our social media pages! We still have spot prizes at the end, so post your funniest, creative, dressed up Marathon photos! 

How much does it cost?

It is free!

Where is the event?

At our beautiful local Sunnynook Park! 

What if I cannot complete it?

It is not a competitive event, we encourage everyone to try their best!

Marathon FAQs: FAQ

Can I do it as a team?

In normal Level 1, Yes - you can join as a team, a classroom, a club, whanau, walking group, with your neighbours! You might be able achieve multiple marathons in one month! 
At Level 4, NO - please follow the Ministry of Health COVID-19 guidelines.

What if I achieve my marathon goal quickly?

Well done! How about setting a new goal of eg 5 marathons in September!

Marathon FAQs: FAQ
Marathon FAQs: Text
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