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Spring 2018 Newsletter

3 October 2018

Increasing the bees in our area

Spring is well and truly here, at last, and everything is starting to sprout and flower. Wonderful. However, have you noticed that each year there seem to be fewer honey and bumble bees about? On Fathers’ Day I was given a gift voucher and a brochure put out by Bee Gap about having a bumble bee abode in our small garden. We are thinking seriously about it as we have many fruit trees.  Did you know that bees pollinate 1/3 of our food supply? If you are interested, the Bee Gap website is, https:/ or visit your local garden centre.

The North Shore bus services

The North Shore bus services are changing as from Sunday 30 September. By the time you read this you will have received a brochure in your letter box about all of the changes. If you are a bus user and have mastered the changes  and you have some suggestions/complaints you want to make to Auckland Transport, please call them on (09) 366 6400, or email them,

Pedestrian refuge island on Sunnynook Road

Auckland Transport is planning to put a pedestrian refuge island on Sunnynook Road between Tobago Place and Morton Avenue to allow children to cross the road safely on their way to school. This is good news as Sunnynook Road is very busy early in the morning.

Lyford Bush.

We are really very pleased that the preparation for the new walking tracks through Lyford Bush has begun with the removal of some pine trees and exotics that are in the way of the proposed pathway. The construction of the tracks will begin at the end of the year when school finishes.

Every third Saturday of the month a group of volunteers work in the bush from 9.30 till 11.30. We weed out a lot of problem plants, plant and protect young natives, trap the possums, rabbits and rats. If you have time on the working bee days, join us. Send us an email and we will contact you to let you know what part of the bush we are working in that day. Our email address is

Exercise equipment

A couple of friends took their grandchildren for a walk around Sunnynook Park to the exercise equipment. The children enjoyed using the equipment so much the grandparents had trouble rounding them up to go home. They just wanted to keep using the equipment.  We hope that a lot of you have had the pleasure of exercising in the park and will do so more often as the weather becomes fine and warm.

If you would like to be part of making Sunnynook/Forrest Hill a better place to live, email us. We would like to talk to you.

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